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Someone read my wife’s blog and she made me scallops

For the most part, people still aren’t reading my wife’s blog.  But she did pass the 500 hit mark yesterday.  I know that’s not much compared to those blogs that get hundreds of thousands of hits every single day.  But it’s a milestone nonetheless, and she was very happy.  This meant, instead of scavenging crusty old Rubbermaid containers for morsels of leftovers last night, I was presented with a plate of scallops and pasta, seemingly smothered in garlic and butter.  The weird thing is: I’ve never seen her cook with so much butter before.  I don’t know why.  I like butter.  What was the special occasion?  It was then my wife explained her system of celebratory rewards to me…

500 blog hits – I get scallops and butter.

2000 blog hits — salmon and risotto in wine sauce

10,000 blog hits – a handjob.

Perhaps I could’ve struck a better deal with my wife.  Who knows?  Read her blog.  And I’ll let you know. It’s called Stuff White Parents Like.

As always, thanking you in advance…

— The Blogspouse



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