Read My Wife’s Blog Or I Will Microwave My Own Head


Too late. I already pushed “start.” Hey, what’s that smell? Is someone cooking popcorn here? Oh wait… those are the blood vessels in the back of my throat popping.

You can stop this senseless abuse of a kitchen appliance — as well as a husband.

Read my wife’s blog: Stuff White Parents Like.

I can tell you one thing white parents DON’T like — cleaning up extra-crispy nose-hairs from the inside of a microwave.

As always, thanking you in advance…

— The Blogspouse



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7 responses to “Read My Wife’s Blog Or I Will Microwave My Own Head

  1. Did you have to use a scrubbie, or was a sponge okay? I am heading out on a shopping trip and need to know.

  2. firefly

    You must be in reward heaven by now! I was just at your wifes site and the tally was at 21,761 when I logged in and after only a few minutes and sharing one comment her tally was up to 21,792! Thirty one whole hits in only 3 minutes! You must be so proud…and satisfied…literally…

  3. Just relax. I read your wife’s blog. In fact, I even have her in my Google Reader.

  4. Your wife should check out It’s one of the leading sources for breaking crazy stories in our public schools.

  5. Aubrey

    I love this! Hilarious!

  6. Elodie

    I found no humour in your wife’s blog, but it could be because I’m not a parent. It’s probably not. More likely it’s because I find no humour in mindless rambling about stupid things nobody cares about – not even parents.

    Nice try, though.

  7. Elodie,

    Your proposed reasons for why you don’t like his wife’s blog are incorrect. The real reason that you don’t like his wife’s blog is because you were born with down syndrome, autism, and “Ben Stein” syndrome.

    This means that you have no ability to appreciate anything that deals even remotely with social issues. It also means that the only things you find entertaining or engaging are the periodic table of elements, and calculus.

    Fortunately, your inability to socialize properly means that you will not likely find a mate, and thus will not likely reproduce. Your kind shall soon be extinct, and we will be better off because of it.

    Now hurry and get back to staring at your giant-sized posted of the periodic table of elements!

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