Someone read my wife’s blog and she made me scallops

For the most part, people still aren’t reading my wife’s blog.  But she did pass the 500 hit mark yesterday.  I know that’s not much compared to those blogs that get hundreds of thousands of hits every single day.  But it’s a milestone nonetheless, and she was very happy.  This meant, instead of scavenging crusty old Rubbermaid containers for morsels of leftovers last night, I was presented with a plate of scallops and pasta, seemingly smothered in garlic and butter.  The weird thing is: I’ve never seen her cook with so much butter before.  I don’t know why.  I like butter.  What was the special occasion?  It was then my wife explained her system of celebratory rewards to me…

500 blog hits – I get scallops and butter.

2000 blog hits — salmon and risotto in wine sauce

10,000 blog hits – a handjob.

Perhaps I could’ve struck a better deal with my wife.  Who knows?  Read her blog.  And I’ll let you know. It’s called Stuff White Parents Like.

As always, thanking you in advance…

— The Blogspouse



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7 responses to “Someone read my wife’s blog and she made me scallops

  1. imaG

    ooooh a handjob! i wish i had a deal set up like thta with my girlfriend, get on your promotion grind, market to a place where u would find a lot of white parents, like parents forums etc new baby forums dont market at swpl cus yeah

  2. tiberious

    10k is a long way to go from 500, maybe you should have made that the 1k reward. Then you could make 10k seem like an unattainable goal and attach a ridiculous reward to it, like a threesome. “Ha, ha, honey!” Then secretly linkbomb the hell out of it.

  3. Smoky

    I’m rooting for you to the 10k bj. I’m assuming that you had to tone down the language for the interweb.

  4. handy

    Looks like your wife’s blog is at about 16K now. So how was the handjob?

  5. Smoky

    DUDE! I’m totally expecting details of your latest reward.

  6. When it hits a million he gets to have a threesome with his wife and her hot female friend.

    Come on, men, read that damn blog! Do it for a fellow man!

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