No one reads my wife’s blog

I don’t understand why people write blogs, and I definitely don’t know why people read them.  All I know is my wife claims she is writing one.  I tend to believe her, since she thrusts her laptop in front of my face every few minutes and makes me read her posts. She says they’re supposed to be clever and insightful observations of her life as a parent. “Whatever!” I say.  “When’re we eating dinner?”

Now I’m scraping the crusty droppings out of a dish of discolored Rubbermaid.  And still no one’s reading my wife’s blog.  I tell her people don’t care about trenchant observations and sarcasm.  They want to see pictures of kittens in funny costumes, and knitting recipes.  What’s a “knitting recipe?”  Beats me.  But I’m sure it’s getting a lot more hits than my wife’s blog

Anyway, she’s on wordpress too at

Please read her blog.  I don’t know how to cook.



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3 responses to “No one reads my wife’s blog

  1. KLysha

    I just read your wife’s blog…it’s pretty funny…but I’m not a parent nor am I white. But I do enjoy laughing at white parents sometimes.

  2. Maybe it’s time you got some simple cookbooks. If you have time to write a blog, you probably have time to cook.

  3. Elodie

    Your wife’s blog just isn’t funny.

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